5 Ways to Save More Money!!

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The world is a scary place, and finances are a big reason for this. Regardless of whom you are and the state of your finances, here are five of the best ways you can save money for a secure and sound financial future.

First, employ the PERK system. This is one of the most common and most effective money saving tips that most people may not be aware of. Simple yet guaranteeing significant results, the PERK system stands for Postpone, Eliminate, Reduce and Keep, which are the four categories you will be including on your list of monthly expenses. List all of your expenses per month and decide which items or aspects can be postponed, eliminated, reduced or kept. Items that can be postponed include magazine subscriptions and daily newspaper delivery. Meanwhile, expenses that can be eliminated are going nights out of town or spending hundreds of bucks from dining at five-star restaurants. On the other hand, expenses that can be reduced include your regular cups of coffee. Things that you will keep will include, of course, the basic necessities, such as groceries and utility bills.

2. Be Realistic
Though it is recommended that you cut expenses for nights out of town, you can still allot a specific amount of money to be able to bond with your family or friends at least once a month. Going to a movie theater and eating at affordable diners and food courts can still be a thrilling and enjoyable experience, even if you eliminate those fancy 3D movies and dining at classy restaurants. Another great bonding experience is to watch movies at home with a DVD and some popcorn. Though it’s plain and simple, you’ll save hundreds of dollars in the process if you continously subsitute this very affordable activity for a more expensive one.

3. Technology
Third, technology that will save you money. Though it seems counterproductive, there are ways you can cut off your expenses with new electronics and services. You can cut off your cable bills by utilizing video subscription streaming utilities, online DVD rentals and high-definition antennas. This way, you will be able to get up to 90% of the channels you watch through cable and satellite provides for a significantly lower price.

4. Cell Phones
Fourth, cut back on your cell phone service expenses. According to statistics and reports, the average family spends over $1,000 per year on wireless utilities and that is prior to adding the extra options and features, such as extra lines and complimentary mobile phones, apps and song downloads for your children or yourself. Though your family needs mobile phones to maintain connectivity when outside the house, parents should be practical about what type of phone or service plan they employ if they really want to achieve great savings.

5. Walk!
Fifth, walk rather than drive. Most families allot a hefty portion on their paycheck every month for gas. If you can walk to your destination, such as the office or grocery store, then do it. Not only will it save you a great amount of money from gas consumption, walking will also allow you to exercise your legs. You can save tons of money from having to refill gas every other day or week and will help save the environment from too much pollution.

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 5 Ways to Save More Money!!
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