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How A Pre-Paid Credit Card Can Help A Loved One With Their Finances

By • Jan 31st, 2013 • Category: Credit Cards

People from all walks of life are increasingly finding that they are struggling with their finances. Vulnerable members of society like students, the elderly or even an unskilled workers are struggling to get by due to increases in the cost of living. Prepaid cards can be a practical way to help loved ones who are [...]

Pro’s and Con’s of Balance Transfers

By • Feb 18th, 2012 • Category: Credit Cards

A balance transfer occurs when you use one credit card to pay for the debt on another card and receive a lower APR rate. Balance transfer credit cards are designed with the idea that you will transfer the debt to the new card, which usually has a low introductory interest rate, and then keep paying [...]

What to complete If Your Credit Card Was Stolen

By • Nov 16th, 2011 • Category: Credit Cards

Your credit card can be really beneficial in having to pay for items which you need without acquiring cash on hand. It is a sort of loan, in which you’ll must repay your debt every single month. You can charge for that items and deal with the payment later on when your bill arrives. Even [...]

How to Quickly Clear Your Credit Cards

By • Oct 27th, 2011 • Category: Credit Cards

Over recent years credit cards have provided a huge number of people with convenience, ease, flexibility and in some cases a real financial lifeline. However, whilst many people have benefitted from credit cards there are many who have seen their credit card balances increase month on month until they are maxed out to the hilt. [...]

Credit Card Rewards and How to Use Them

By • Oct 23rd, 2011 • Category: Credit Cards, Miscellaneous

Credit card rewards are one of the most common ways that card companies entice customers to their brand. In exchange for the negatives of paying annual fees, rewards cards offer frequent flier miles, cash back on certain purchases and other rewards that customers find attractive. One of the stipulations to reap the rewards, however, is [...]

Slashing Your Credit Card APR

By • Aug 31st, 2011 • Category: Credit Cards, Miscellaneous

If you are looking to get out of debt, one way to do so is to lower your credit card APR. The APR is the interest that you are going to be paying on any outstanding credit card balance. The lower the APR, the lower the amount of money that you have to pay in [...]

Understanding Your Credit Card Personality

By • Jun 28th, 2011 • Category: Credit Cards

When it comes to credit card spending, there are a few different personality categories that you can fall into. Your credit card personality says a lot about you as a person. How you choose to spend the money and how often you use your credit card can say a lot about your lifestyle, and your [...]

How To Consolidate Your Credit Card Debt

By • Jul 9th, 2010 • Category: Credit Cards

Credit card debt is a serious problem that requires you to come up with a serious solution. The issue with credit card, as opposed to other types of debt, is twofold. The first problem is that credit card debt compounds, meaning that you will be charged interest on the interest you paid in the previous [...]

Comparing credit card debt consolidation companies – what’s the best way to go about this?

By • Jun 4th, 2010 • Category: Credit Cards

Just take a peek at the people around you these days, and you will discover that at least half of the people you know are already sinking in piling up debts. I have found that more and more people these days are finding it quite hard to pay up their bills, and this is quite [...]

Get rid of credit card debt and experience a more fruitful life

By • Jan 23rd, 2009 • Category: Credit Cards

In to many consumers here in America are being extremely hurt by this horrible economic downfall we are going through. The recession has left millions of Americans in credit card debt and with virtually no means to actually pay off on the debt. Well thankfully for these debtors is that there are a few systems [...]