Make Smart Investments During Your Golden Years

The retirement savings of most Americans suffered a critical blow as the result of the Great Recession. Prior to the collapse of the housing market, most middle class families built wealth by taking advantage of appreciating home values adding to the equity in their homes, recently they saw their nest egg shrink dramatically. Many people who lost their jobs had difficulty finding new employment opportunities, which meant they had to dip into their retirement savings. Even those people who kept their job realized dismal rates of return on their savings because of low interest rates and reluctance to invest in stocks due to market volatility. According the a survey conducted by the Employee Benefits Research Institute discussed in the Wall Street Journal (see Workers Saving Way To Little To Retire), 57 percent of Americans have less than $25,000 in retirement savings, which is a significant increase from 49 percent when the same question was asked in 2008. This leaves the majority of Americans with two choices…work longer or make smart investments during their retirement years.

Tips for Making Smart Investments during Retirement

Your retirement investment strategy does not have to stop working just because you do. Here are some smart investment tips so your money can work for you as you enjoy your golden years.

  1. Preserve as much as Principle as Possible: Traditionally, financial advisors recommended that retirees limited their annual withdrawals to 4 percent of their retirement savings. In today’s low interest rate environment, along with the fact that people tend to live longer now than they did in the past, experts recommend limiting annual withdrawals to 2.5 to 3 percent of principle. Another way to preserve your savings is to invest in high quality stocks that offer dividends or to make smart investments in annuities.
  2. Adjust the Allocation of Your Savings as You Age: A smart investment mix for people who retire at age 65 is 40 to 60 percent in a highly diversified stock portfolio and the remaining portion of the savings in short-term high yielding bonds, cash, and annuities. As you age, you need to shift the allocation of your portfolio gradually until it is 10 to 15 percent in stocks if you are using a conservative investment strategy or up to 30 percent stocks if you have a high level of risk tolerance. Target date funds offer the convenience of automatically shifting the mix of your investments according to a predetermined timetable, which is referred to as a gliding path. Stocks provide the advantage of offering a means to offset inflation.
  3. Make Smart Investments in Annuities: While annuities are smart investments since they offer a guaranteed income stream for life, you need to use them strategically since they do not adjust with the rate of inflation. One option is to use laddering, which involves purchasing small annuities at set intervals, which takes advantage of the fact that the payouts from annuities increase as you age. Another option is to purchase deferred income annuities, which also help offset the effects of inflation.

By making smart investments during your retirement years, you can make you money work for you so you can enjoy your golden years.

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Is Holiday Home A Good Investment?

A home somewhere warm and with a lovely environment is something that most of us dream about. Instead of living in a hotel it seems like a more attractive option to get your own apartment and spend a few weeks living more like the locals.

There are now more and more people buying into this dream and renting a holiday home abroad. But is this really a good investment opportunity?

What Does A Holiday Home Mean?

A holiday home is something that can help you add extra income to your finances in a relatively simple and nice way. You will purchase a house or an apartment in your preferred location and use it as your holiday home.

But instead of letting the apartment stay empty during the times you aren’t in, you rent it out to give yourself the opportunity to make some money out of it.

How To Get A Holiday Home?

A lot of the success of a holiday home depends on the amount of planning you do beforehand. The key to success is to spend a lot of time considering your own budget and thinking about what you want from the apartment. You need to make sure you are equipped in buying the holiday home and make a budget to see how much you need to take in as rent in order to pay back the property and start making money out of it.

Dalton’s Property also reminds that location is really the key thing in a good holiday home. Thus you need to spend a good amount of time looking into different areas and in the holiday opportunities in the area. Even though you are in love with a certain small townit might be that other holiday goers don’t know about it and thus you won’t be able to generate so much profit.

You don’t want to end up having to spend a lot of time marketing your home. Therefore it is always a good idea to focus on the location and get tips from experts.

Possibility For A Great Success

The truth is that buying a holiday home as investment can end up being a great choice. Not only is it able to provide you with a steady stream of additional income it will also be a nice way to spend your own holidays and have them stress-free.

The important thing you need to know is that this success isn’t simply guaranteed when you buy a holiday home. If you want this investment to succeed you will need to do a lot of research and planning before you get into this. It may be a good idea to consider other investment options, such as buying private equity at Dealmarket.

It is also really important you don’t get into a lot of debt when buying the holiday home.

But if you are prepared to look into the matter and perhaps ask professional opinion, a holiday home can be a nice option to consider. In terms of risks it is at the low end compared to other forms of investment but it will be a long-term investment so you need patience.


Author Bio: Deborah is into finding new investment opportunities and helping out people to make smart investment choices to secure their financial future. She is a big fan of spending time with her friends and loves going to musicals.

Get Into Gold Before It’s Too Late

Any archaeologist will tell you that investing in gold is probably the oldest investment known to man. Women too, with dowry gifts in many cultures consisting of cold hard cash. As gifts to new born children gold and silver have also been popular choices from gold christening cups to simply a few gold coins. Today gold remains attractive to investors and many experts recommend gold investment as a good basis for a portfolio. In troubled economic times gold is always a popular ‘safe-haven’ for cash, preferred to volatile stocks and uncertain currencies. In the latest global recession ‘gold reaches record prices’ seems to be a headline that appears on a weekly basis. But is gold just an investment for the super-rich or is it a simple purchase for anyone?

Gold markets and trading

The World Gold Council is the industry body which operates a little like ‘OPEC’ does for the liquid variety of gold. Based in the UK but operating throughout the world it works with and represents mining companies responsible for roughly 60% of the world’s gold production. Gold is traded in all of the major markets throughout the world – while there are also a many other gold traders of the online variety, a market which is seeing rapid growth.

Strategies for investing

In terms of investing in gold there are two main strategies, as mentioned gold is seen as a safe haven for cash in difficult economic times. It is also at these times when gold prices tend to start making some serious gains thanks to the increased demand. Gold is a finite resource and while it continues to be mined much of the world’s gold is already in circulation. As a safe haven investment gold is certainly worth considering. Secondly, gold should be considered a long term investment. Gold prices are high at the moment and they go up markedly every time another country goes deeper into the red – recent price rises were sparked by growing fears that the Greek economy would finally implode and take the Euro-zone with it. Gold is not, however, generally speaking an investment on which you will see a quick return. It is an ideal investment to back your portfolio with and will grow steadily matching and bettering inflation over the years.

Hoarding your investment

Buying gold is not just for the very wealthy. You can invest in small amounts via various web traders which is an attractive option to many investors. When it comes to storage of gold, the traditional method of digging a hole in the back garden is not generally favored these days. Most companies that trade gold will actually store it for you in their own vaults, although you can have it sent direct to you. For smaller amounts it may be easy to arrange secure storage yourself, but vault storage by professionals is certainly recommended for larger purchases. Effectively your purchase becomes a virtual one as you won’t actually receive the gold – however it will be there stored safely away for you to sell at a later date.

Over the long term the value of gold will make substantial rises – so buying gold to be handed over in twenty or so years’ time can be a great strategy – and will no doubt be a very well received gift. Buying online and taking advantage of vault storage is ideal if you intend to invest for a child’s future. No longer is it the preserve for the wealthy, investing in gold is simple, straightforward and the perfect way to secure your savings in the long term.

Author Bio: Pete Southern on behalf of, a site providing share prices for large UK companies such as Lloyds Bank, B.P and many more.

Best & Preeminent Areas To Invest Your Money In 2013

At times it can be quite tricky to estimate the present economic standing of the market while calculating core areas for making a smart investment. The same has been the case for this year of 2013 for a layman regarding where to invest and how much to invest in that particular field. Deciding on investments is very hard to make since this involves your hard earned money. Obviously proper care is required to serve the purpose well. So which areas in 2013 which will turn out to be smart investments providing handsome returns?

Investing or Investing Smartly

Many people do invest but only a few do smart investing. There is a core difference between investing and investing smartly. People often pretend to take enormous deliberations while investing but investments do not need consideration only but need some smart steps & decisions to be taken. A smart investment is more likely to provide good returns on the invested money often reflecting the time and effort invested for that venture.

Core Preeminent Areas to Invest your Money in 2013

Well the top three scorers as answers by experts for this question for the year 2013 are –

  • Real Estate – According to experts 2013 is a good year if you are planning to invest in real estate. From the view point of experts, real estate will provide handsome outputs this year. Well real estate is such a field where every person likes to invest his money on. But do have a complete research & contemplation before making a decision. Taking advice from some experienced and expert professionals is also recommendable since that will ensure your investment to be safe. The major reason is that the proficient real estate professionals are equipped with core knowledge of this & of wider real estate market.
  • Precious Metals – Gold and silver have always been hot favorite for people when it comes to investing their capital. These two have been rising continuously without any break and experts suggest some more rise in the year 2013. So these two can also prove out to be a good option to invest on in the year of 2013.
  • Currency Trading – This is considered a key investment option by experts this year. You can use Forex software for a safer and stress free investment in the currency trading field this year.

Stop, Wait & Re-Think

Well the core areas to invest are there but as not everyone is same, the same rule applies to all when it comes for investments. It is not essential that any area that suits your known one will certainly suit you too and flourish for you. Sound deliberation and contemplation along with full planning, calculation are among the many factors that have to be considered before making investment. After all it is your hard earned money and if they are bad investments, it could be financial disaster for you. So stop, wait and think twice before coming to any conclusion.

Author Bio: Jacob Lee is a simple family man with big dreams. He is also a financial consultant in a leading finance firm. He likes blogging in his spare time. He has been looking for a new home and has decided to go with a new home builder from Buffington homes because of their unique and spacious home designs.

Trading Tips For The Beginner

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If you spend a bit of time checking out the share prices on a regular basis, have you ever felt like having a ‘dabble’ yourself? It is not for everyone but there seem to be a lot of people making some decent money out of these activities. Perhaps you are tempted but are too conservative to invest a large amount of money, because after all it took you a long time to earn that wedge. This article looks at some ways to dip your toes into the financial swimming pool known as the stock exchange, without losing your worldly possessions.

Before We Begin

First of all, you have to be comfortable with the fact that you may well lose some, if not all, of your investment capital. If you can live happily without this money, then you are ready to proceed. But if you had this money stashed away for next year’s holiday, it is probably best to scrap your ideas of world domination for now.

Okay – Let’s Go!

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For your first foray into the financial jungle, you could do worse than beginning with a fund investment. This will spread your risk and allow you to have a small stake in some of the top 150 companies.  You should also ensure that you use any tax fee allowance that may be available to the individual. This varies with each country and you should check with your tax office for some specific advice. If you use this allowance wisely you can avoid paying capital gains tax, and nobody enjoys that particular activity.

Spread Betting

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You can use your investment money to split between the three main risk categories:

  • High Risk
  • Medium Risk
  • Low Risk

Be careful not to choose your company options based on their track record, the market may have had a different set of influences at that time. You can go online and find out some impartial tips from the experts. Just be aware that you may be reading advice from somebody with an interest in one of their tips. If you stay with the bigger websites you will probably reduce that risk significantly.

Financial Advisers

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These are very helpful people when it comes to advising novice investors about their options. They will explain the risks far better than any website will do, and you need to be upfront about your finances and your limitations. They may offer you some different choices when it comes to investment options. There are some schemes that allow you to make a regular deposit into a fund, and this might suit the more conservative investor.

Tracker Investments

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This is an interesting investment option that allows you to invest in the growth and loss of the top 100 companies in the FTSE. This is a passive investment option and will only follow the index, and it will not suit the investor who relishes the idea of controlling their investment choice.

Do Your Own Research

There are many websites and blogs online that will offer you endless advice on how to make your first million or billion. Be aware that some of these are self-serving and enjoy fooling first time investors into losing their money. The only way to get impartial advice and accurate information is to source these details yourself. Take any piece of advice with a pinch of salt, and just remember that your investment can go down as well as up – Good Luck!

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Author Bio: Tom Coleman is a financial adviser based in Sydney and an avid blogger. He says that investing in financial markets is about taking calculated risks. He recommends using a reputable SMSF software that helps investors manage their portfolio in a better way.

Investing in Storage, for College?

College is a crucial part of any young person’s life. It’s a time for growing, learning and finding your true potential (there also might be the occasional night of partying snuck in there too). Anyone who has ever been to college knows what an amazing experience it can be, but unfortunately for any parent that has sent their child off to college knows what a financial burden it can be. Paying for college is not cheap, and frankly put will be a nightmarish accumulation of debt to look forward to, but with right investment moves this endeavor could be a bit more of a manageable scenario.

In the most recent report done by College Board, a “moderate” college budget for an in-state public college averages to about $22,000 per year and about $43,000 for a private college. That means that if your child is there for the standard 4 year undergraduate degree, your total could be anywhere from $80,000 to upwards of $170,000. Shocking right? No matter how much money you may have that is still one steep bill, and that’s just if you pay for it yourself. What if you decide to get loans to pay for college? That’s another x amount of interest that you will have to pay on top of everything else. I think its safe to say that it would be better if you can avoid that route.

So then what is the best way to approach this? You definitely want to make sure you have the money when the time comes, but what is the best way to do that? While I’m sure there are multiple ways that people have chosen to handle this situation, I am going to share with you one specific idea that I think has some real potential.

For starters, instead of just putting some money in a jar on your fridge every month, I think your best option is to invest in something. And no I’m not talking about putting money into a new internet company that you think is going make it big, I’m talking about a smart investment that will provide you with the necessary cash flow to assist in your child’s education.

Recently a family friend of mine was telling a story about what one of her friends does and I must say that it is genius. Basically, every time this friend has a new kid (not sure exactly how many he is up to by now) he goes out and buys an entire self-storage facility. That’s right you heard correctly, he buys a SELF-STORAGE FACILITY, you know one of those things you see on Storage Wars. What’s the catch? He buys it with an 18-year mortgage. That way when the time comes for that man to send his baby off to college, the facility will be paid off and the revenue that comes in after that is strictly used for college tuition. Pretty smart if you ask me.

Now I’m not saying that buying a storage facility is the only way to go. You could easily do the same with a house or condo and then rent it out after it has been paid off; this is just what inspired the idea. Either way, I think that choosing to invest in a fixed asset as opposed to just saving money is one of the best ways to think about paying for your child’s college career. And who knows, maybe that thing you purchase will become the next hot spot on the block, bringing in some serious cash.

Author Bio: This article was written by Matt Schexnayder. Matt is on the marketing team for and writes for their blog. With you can easily sort, find and reserve self-storage facilities in Seattle, as well as thousands more all across the country.

Bad Economies & Gold Investment

In bad economic climates, investment and savings strategies change dramatically for many people. The fact is, the stock market becomes unreliable in bad economic times, and this forces many people to look for alternative forms of investment as they try to salvage their wealth. One such form of investment that can occasionally work very well in bad economies is purchasing gold bullion.

Investing in gold bullion, for those without experience doing so, is actually a very simple practice. You can simply head to a gold investment website such as Bullion Vault, where you will find updated prices and secure storage options. At this site, you are able to buy any quantity of gold bullion you like, at any time, and store it, collect it, or sell it as you wish. The entire process is incredibly easy and convenient. But does it make sense for you?

Gold bar investment photoGold is occasionally a solid investment in poor economies. This is so because many people turn from struggling currencies to more stable resources like gold, which can drive the price up while protecting your wealth. However, it is important to observe the gold market carefully before committing to investment.

Author Bio: This is a BullionVault guest post, written by freelancer David Hagan.

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