Credit Card Bankruptcy Avoidance

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There was a time when credit was not very easy to get. Borrowing money for any reason was actually considered shameful, and being “in debt” was simply scandalous. The only companies who make money and cash in are the credit card processing companies. If people wanted to buy things that they wanted or needed they simply SAVED; they did without those things until they could afford to pay for them in cash. It’s kind of weird, how things have changed!

In pursuit of wealth, those banks have very cleverly used every marketing strategy possible to make you want something now, not later, after all why wait a lifetime when you can have it now!

Simply put, anybody who wants one can get a credit card. It seems you don’t even need a social security number and to prove the point, one man in California answered one of those “pre-approved” ads that came in his email and applied for a credit card in his dog’s name.

Under the “age” section he inserted the number “3″ and where it asked for the social security number he entered 000-00-0000. The card was given.

It’s frightening that people have become brain washed into not thinking about the future consequences of borrowing money using credit cards. It is so, so easy for people to get into deep debt with credit cards.

The marketing men have done their jobs well, using a credit card doesn’t even feel like you are borrowing money, but that is exactly what you are doing. If you use your credit card to pay for dinner and a movie, you’ve borrowed money to pay for the dinner and a movie, and the bill will come due at the end of the month. If you don’t pay the balance on a credit card in full when payment falls due, then every item that you purchased just cost more because you’ll be charged interest. As they say it is easy to borrow – but wait … paying back from funds that you don’t have is never easy.

Or put it another way, if you do not make the minimum payment on time, you’ll be charged penalties and additional fees.

I know – I don’t sound like I am crazy about credit cards. I’m really not, but increasingly they are a necessary evil in today’s mobile world. You can hardly buy online without using a credit card.

So what’s the solution?  Well here are some suggestions:

  1. The answer is to get ONE credit card. At the end of each month, pay the entire balance on the credit card.
  2. Do NOTuse credit cards for everyday expenses.
  3. Don’t buy groceries or pay for the aforementioned dinner and movie with a credit card.

Almost all bankruptcies filed today are directly related to credit card misuse. You don’t have to do that. Students beware of this pitful

The sad thing is that my 7 year old son recently said to me, dad why don’t you buy me the computer game using your credit card – I had to take him to one side and give him a simple explanation of the dangers of borrowing and the fact that you have to pay it back.

It is with much regret that some of us will wonder where did it all go wrong – the lessons of our parent’s generation we have failed to heed – live within your means.

Meanwhile, the shareholders and the directors of the financial institutions continue to become richer at the expense of those who fallen into the debt trap.

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  1. It is always best to avoid bankruptcy at all costs. You risk losing your assets, which can include your home. Keeping your credit card debt under control and paying off more than the minimum is a good way to do this.

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