Debt settlement or file bankruptcy?

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Defaulted loans can contribute to a very bad credit standing since every late payment is reported accordingly to the credit monitoring authorities. More so, a defaulted loan is another grave misconduct for every borrower and will appear without further ado on your record.

Truly, there are times when unfortunate financial situations can surface in the middle of the repayment period, and though we would want to repay in full as soon as possible, there are not much resources to get from. Some lenders will understand this situation, while some will not. Some lenders will keep on calling you day by day and remind you of your debts while some will simply sue you in court without warning. In these times, you are most likely left at the brink of struggle to clear your debts.

If you are left with little choices, and the situation is at is worst, there are only two options, file for bankruptcy or settle your debts with your creditor.

Filing For Bankruptcy

For many anxious debtors, this can be the foremost option that they consider at the height of stressing debt collector calls every single day. They file for bankruptcy to get rid of all that, and simply shy away with a damaged credit reputation and a disheartened disposition. Though this can be relieving for a while, you must also consider the long term effects of it. A declaration of bankruptcy can do more damage to your credit report more than you think. This, of course, discounts the possibilities of getting a good loan deal in the future, or getting a loan, at all.

Settling your debts Through Debt Negotiation

This is another option which you can consider. You can hire a debt settlement company to negotiate with your creditors for a reduced repayment amount and better yet, you don’t have to file for bankruptcy. With debt settlement, you also have the option to pay gradually whatever you owe them. This is if the lenders come into agreement with your presented resolution. If you plan to hire a debt negotiation company, you can be rest assured that you can pay in installment until you pay them in full.

These are the last options that you can think about right now, and since you have little left choices with your stern lenders, you might as well weigh these options and decide soon.

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