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Considering how expensive things are these days, we need a way to keep track of our finances: this helps us to budget, plan, and prepare for the future. When we have a hold on our finances, we also have a hold on our lives. Similarly, what has made our lives more manageable has been the progress and evolution of mobile devices.

With our devices, we’re able to keep track of our emails, our loved ones, our calendars and, indeed, our finances. With this pocket-sized accountant and personal-assistant, many lives have been made easier and more manageable. But not all apps are equal for our phones.

These are the essential financial and personal assistant apps to get for your mobile device.


This handy app centralises all your expenses and income, by tracking all your savings, credit, and other accounts. All your credit card and bank spending can be monitored via Mint. After an initial setup, obviously, the App will take a reading of your incoming and outgoing expenses. From this, it can generate a sensible budget.

Available on iOS and Android.

A necessary reminder to pay the bills on time, avoiding extra costs that incur as penalties.  Though not a fully-fleshed out app, like Mint, it may be necessary for its timely reminders, and ease-of-use if you don’t need a full app.

Available on iOS and Android.


Known throughout the planet – and soon out of space – PayPal is the leading platform for monetary exchange, that makes for ease of handling due to its being universally acceptable.

The App allows for managing your PayPal account – which you can get for free – and monitor your invoices, your expenses, and so on.  You can even take a photo of a cheque to add money to your PayPal account for free. The App also allows you to locate local vendors who use PayPal so that you can pay securely.

Available on iOS and Android.


The major feature for this App is the multiple syncing feature. That is, new data and info and expenses can be uploaded through different formats – such as using an iPad, an Android phone, PC – and sync accordingly. Outcomes are readjusted according to this new data.

Pie charts, graphs and so forth can also better visualise the data. The full list of incredible features even includes adjusting to the local region.

Available on iOS and Android.


By using these apps, we have better grasp of large numbers, incomes, invoices and so forth that spiral around us like a tornado of incomprehensible data. Even just be noting numbers, we can do better. Allowing us to make better investments when making inquiries into new cars, home loan applications, and so on.

Data matters. Or, rather, manageable data matters, since pure data can be just noise that bogs us down. Considering the fast pace of modern living, we need a fast-pace form of financial assistance.

Author Bio: Terrence Stoker is a long-time finance writer and researcher of human behaviour, with a love for science and technology.

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