Four Inexpensive Ways People Can File Their Personal Taxes Accurately

By Contributor • Oct 31st, 2009 • Category: Tax

If someone does not have the money to have Cincinnati accountants or a Cincinnati CPA file their personal taxes, they will have to locate different methods to get this accomplished. By law, people do not have the choice to not file federal and state taxes. This is a task that must be completed by every citizen of our country. In an effort to get this task completed there are lots of inexpensive ways that have been developed to accommodate and assist people of all financial brackets. These low cost choices include on-line tax websites, tax preparation software for personal use, independent tax companies and non-profit organizations.

While online companies do cost money for preparing personal tax returns, it is generally much lower than traditional methods. The person collects all of their information and deductions, and follows easy step by step instructions via website. More and more online companies sell tax preparation kits which provide simple software and excellent support during the process. They have a fee of $14.95 for the preparation of both federal and state taxes of an individual. They are able to keep this fee so low because much of the work is completed by the user. One such company developed the software and only has to get involved when questions arise.

Tax preparation software is offered free of charge to all people. It can be located by doing a simple search on the internet. This software is clear and offers people a no cost choice to tax preparation. There are other programs at many office supply stores have their own version of tax preparation software available to purchase. These kinds of programs make the process a little more clear and concise. They also offer online technical support that is really useful during the preparation process. While the free version from the government is ideal for those who have no additional money, can purchase versions which are a little easier to use. Either way, both of these choices are much cheaper that traditional methods of tax preparation.

Independent tax preparation companies are a third way in which people can get their taxes prepared at a lower cost to them. H&R Block is a good example of this type of company. The consumer brings all their files and forms into the location and speaks to a trained professional. This professional collects all the necessary information and does the tax return. The fee to have this service completed is definitely higher than that of free software and the online alternatives. However, many individuals find this face-to-face process much more doable. They need to have a person to interact with and complete the entire process. This choice is the most expensive of all the services listed in this article, but it provides the most customer service.

Lastly, there are non-profit organizations whose sole purpose is to assist lower income people with help preparing and understanding the tax process. There is no fee associated with these non-profit groups. The people who can get this type of help must meet specific financial requirements though. This option is the best alternative for really poor families at tax time.

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