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By Contributor • Oct 13th, 2009 • Category: Personal Finance

Even financial planning is a costly process in today s world. So how about exploring some ways and means of free financial planning to cut down the initial costs? Obviously, it is when finances aren t managed properly that people would sought after financial planning, but even before you could rise from the dusk, you are being charged. That is how things typically take place in today s world. That’s why people are increasingly turning towards free financial planning.

Let’s figure out who provides free financial planning This can get tricky if you are new to the industry because some people who pretend to offer free services could eventually end up owning all your properties or the last will. You ought to be careful with all those free financial planning tools because, for all you know, they will end up corrupting your hard disk and stealing valuable information such as credit histories, credit card numbers, bank account numbers etc.

When you look for free financial planning software on the net, you need to make sure that the source is authentic and genuine. Many fake service providers know how to captivate you on the internet. So never ever settle for free financial planning software from any source other than from trusted ones. You should always read user reviews on the free financial planning product you are about to use. Even customer testimonials can be bought over nowadays, so go with your gut feeling while you determine whether the program is authentic.

It is essential to check the program connects to the internet while you are working on it. Ideally speaking, the free financial planning program you use should not connect to the internet with or without your knowledge. These programs will often come with options where you could check currency exchange rates etc. but don t be fooled! They could as well be stealing your personal information.

The best thing you could do is to follow a program which tells you what to do without providing any such free financial planning products. For example, if you can lay hands on a series of guidelines on how to manage your finances and how to plan in advance, a simple excel sheet would do the trick when it comes to maintaining records.

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Devices such as handheld PC s and iPhones usually are eqipped with free financial planning worksheets software. These software can be trusted without a single doubt to fulfill financial planning needs.

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