Get rid of credit card debt and experience a more fruitful life

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In to many consumers here in America are being extremely hurt by this horrible economic downfall we are going through. The recession has left millions of Americans in credit card debt and with virtually no means to actually pay off on the debt. Well thankfully for these debtors is that there are a few systems of credit card debt relief that can really help out throughout such tough economic times.

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One option that has been around for years assisting consumers is the consumer credit counseling program. This plan will allow people to get the APR brought down on their accounts and allow them to make just one monthly consolidated payment to a credit counseling agency in which they pay out to the creditors on your behalf. A very beneficial point to this program is that you will be put on a fixed payment allowing you to escape the debt trap much more rapidly than you would otherwise with monthly minimum payments at high interest.

The primary drawback with credit counseling in the current economy is that for most people the payments will still be too high to honestly manage to pay every four weeks. And the horrible fact is that if you can’t make one payment to the credit counseling program the creditors will kick you off of the program thus placing you back in the hands of the creditors and high interest.

Thankfully for an American citizen there is another very popular procedure of credit card debt relief that is more manageable during this recession and that is credit card debt settlement. This process will allow the debtor to save a enormous sum of funds on what was owed. In most situations the debtors may save 40-50% of what they currently owe on their credit cards. Additionally you will notice that with debt settlement becoming free of debt happens very quickly usually within 2-3 years or less. Another advantage is that this will free up cash in your monthly budget.

However you must be made aware that with debt settlement in order to negotiate a settlement on the accounts they must fall into default, which will have a negative effect on the credit score and also invoke collection calls. But the long term benefits of saving money and time are more than worth it. Being swamped in debt is like placing the death sentence on your financial well being and this is the fastest and most affordable way out of a rough debt problem.

 Get rid of credit card debt and experience a more fruitful life
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  1. Debt consolidation would seem to be seen as a viable strategy for people struggling with debt. Over the past year I have been oberserving the trend very closely and it is more and more difficult to understand what you receive for your investment. I am personally aware there are a large group of debt companies out there that provide great debt solutions and the debt settlement customers honestly benefit, but I am also aware that there are a group of companies in the market that are only focused on collecting fees and signing up new subscribers. This is obviosly why we are seeing all this new fed regulation surrounding the debt industry. My mother utilized a debt consolidation business and is actually very very very content with the overall outcome.

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