How The Fed Affects Your Life And Money

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150x100 How The Fed Affects Your Life And Money

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke

The Fed Policy fixes the federal funds rate and it does not execute the customer rates directly. Actually with federal funds rate being low, banks have the power to lend more money so that the customers can obtain a loan at lesser costs. Basically Federal Reserve can help out or harm your funds in a short span of time, depending on its operations. Fed functions in a similar fashion as a huge dam and it helps to control the inflow of wealth into the country.

Chief objective of the Fed

The Fed’s main objective is to put a stop to both inflation and recessions. Once the Fed administers the economy efficiently, less people go to detention center and majority of them are in good health because they can manage to pay for their wellbeing as well as the surroundings.

Fed’s massive impact on Life and Money
Fed Policy curtails its aptitude to maneuver the amount of money that is offered to big business organizations and those individuals in search of loans. With the intention to lower the rates, Fed purchases billions of dollars worth of government bonds, thus draining funds into the banking organizations. The accessibility of money in the banking system decreases the rate of interest. To increase rates, the Fed sells off securities that basically exhaust funds from the banking system. By varying the interest rates, the Fed can constrict or release the sum of money tracking through the economy. The federal funds rates have been kept almost nil from the time when the financial crisis broke out in the year 2008, but it cannot be kept at the bottom all the time.

Fed policy has a huge impact on the finances

The Fed Policy may have a big impact on the finances even though the federal funds rate is kept unaffected. This is because that the investors pay notice to what Fed board members speak; their viewpoint on the financial system and strategies for new economic policy. Here is a closer look at how much power the Fed has over your financial life. On the whole, the Federal Reserve is demanding to engage people with work so as to keep inflation low. It is a kind of a harmonizing act.

Fed Increases the Purchasing Power of the Public

Fed does this by increasing and decreasing the interest rates. As soon as interest rates are lowered down, money is simple to obtain. General public normally move out and purchase big homes, LCD/LED and new vehicles. The spending power of people increases. However, if this goes up, businesses outline that they can begin charging more for that house or car. This is referred to as inflation.


On the contrary, it can be concluded that the Federal Reserve is not perfect. Occasionally they increase interest rates and things go wrong disturbing the economy to go to the threshold of recession. For the past few years, Fed Reserve has been persistent on increasing interest rates. They consider the financial system is well-built and wish to deliberate it down to end inflation.

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 How The Fed Affects Your Life And Money
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