How To Make Money From A Website

By FinanceGuru • Jan 22nd, 2009 • Category: Make Money

There are many ways you can generate income from a website or a blog. I have listed below the ways and below that is a explanation of how you can earn money from your website.

1.Affiliate Marketing
2.Online Marketing
3.Referrer Programs
4.Renting Ad Space

1.Affiliate Marketing

This type of generating income is the most popular way right now on the internet. Leading company in the industry is Google AdSense. For example you can have a website about hamsters. Once you have a good number of visitors, you can become a AdSense partner and put Google AdSense ads on your website. The way it works is so simple. You just sign up for the service and put it in your website. When a visitor visits your website and if they click on that ad, Google pays you a commission. The amount the commission changes according to your website niche.

Another type of affiliate marketing is that you can sign up for different programs and partners like ClickBooth. This is where you get paid for every click. It is just like Google Adsense but the commission you will get paid is usually very low and its on a flat rate. Google AdSense pays you on the ad they click and your niche. If you have a “real estate” niche and one clicks on it you will get a lot more commission then “funny jokes” niche. But on PPC – Pay Per Click programs, it is usually on a flat rate meaning you will receive the exact amount even if it is “real estate” or “funny jokes” niche.

2. Online Marketing
This way of generating a income is one of the hardest things to do if your not a pro. Selling something online is very hard. You need the visitors to trust you and make them believe into you. For example you can make a website about Hamsters and you can sell Hamster goods. icon smile How To Make Money From A Website I mean like hamster toys and so on. This type of earning income is so hard again. Not everybody is willing to use their credit card on a website they just found on Google.

3. Referrer Programs
Referrer programs are one other easy way to generate incomes. It is just like Online Marketing but you just “refer” to a product and once a visitor clicks on it, it goes to a main site which you refer to. If the visitor buys that product then you get a certain commission from it.

For example you can have a website about “Creating Successful Websites” then you can refer to a program like a Website Software. You can refer to it and say “It optimizes your content to find success on search engine rankings.” Then the visitor will click on your referred item and buy the software and you will get some commission.

4. Renting Ad Space
This type of earning income on a website is the most and most easiest way to do so. But, to do it good, you need to have good traffic. Lets say you have a website with 10 thousand weekly visits. You can banner banner ads on your website for maybe 25 bucks per 5 thousand visits. So from one banner space you will make 50 bucks a week.

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 How To Make Money From A Website
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