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Surprisingly few new pensioners and pre-retirees have a plan for allocation of funds in securities. However, if your portfolio should be a source of financial security in your retirement years, then it must be carefully arranged as a garden, so that new trees continue to grow. Aside from the obvious benefits of the additional funds during your retirement years, there are many factors that reinforce the need for continued growth in the portfolio.

• Inflation “eats” money, which may make you lower your standard of living, which is not something you want to happen.

• You may be forced to withdraw at a percentage rate that is higher than your portfolio is actually earning. This significantly shortens the life of your portfolio. Remember that your goal is to make your assets last as long as you live, or even longer.

• With medicine now allow us to live longer, maintaining stable growth in portfolio’s assume means a whole new level of importance.

• Finally, weakened portfolio may harm your heirs

In case your pension alone will not cover your expenses after retirement, you need to make profit from your investment portfolio. Distribution of assets is an integral part of retirement planning process to establish the optimal allocation prior to the selection of individual assets or groups of assets. Let’s put another way, an asset allocation policy provides your portfolio. Your funds are invested in various asset classes in order to reach your financial goals and reduce risks through use of optimal portfolio diversification.

Three basic types of asset classes are stocks, bonds and cash. The percentage of each asset class in your portfolio depends on the number of variables, including, but not limited to your financial objectives, current savings and investment plan, time and risk tolerance. Please be aware that more than 90 percent of the performance of your portfolio based on how to allocate resources.

To reduce the risk (and maximize the profit), select the asset classes that match each other. Keep at least part of you assets in equity for the long term.

People who have already retired(or are about to retire) are often tempted to switch their portfolios in a very conservative mix. Although such a mixture can protect your portfolio from the downturn, it also limits the growth potential. If during your working years you maintain a balanced mix of stocks, bonds, and short-term investments, and if you are on regular adjustments as necessary to maintain the right mix of growth, income and stability, you may have to change in their portfolios when they retire . As you get further into retirement, you may need to consider transfer to a more conservative mix. Make smart decisions and stay away from scams.

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