Is Bin Laden correct in that “we are the real losers?”?

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Question by MadLibs: Is Bin Laden correct in that “we are the real losers?”?
Bin Laden “said the United States could avoid another attack if it stopped threatening the security of Muslims. He spoke at length about what he sees as the true motive for the Iraq war – to enrich American corporations with ties to the Bush administration. (He cited Halliburton.) And he spoke of bloodshed, but this time metaphorically, about the American economy.

He mocked the United States’s budget and trade deficits, saying that Al Qaeda is committed “to continuing this policy in bleeding American to the point of bankruptcy.” And he said that the 9/11 attacks, which cost Al Qaeda a total of $ 500,000, have cost the United States more than $ 500 billion, “according to the lowest estimate” by a research organization in London that he cited by name.

“It all shows that the real loser is – you,” he told Americans

daygloom – smells like a goat. lol
bob – it’s your neo-con’s that spread terrorist propaganda to make you live in fear. they have obviously brain washed you into believing what they want you to.
venom – don’t be so naive snake.
venom – uh no. what i would really like to say to you would not be suitable for this forum.
venom – you are psycho.

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Answer by Egbert Fleur
Just keep borrowing from China. They own your butts already.

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  1. In a way some Americans are,those that live their lives in fear really aren’t living. A terrorist wants to at least strike fear in their target.

  2. We cannot stop threatening the security of Muslims. Fundementalist Muslim extremeists are dedicated to wiping out the US. Why would we just lay down and let them do it?

    And you believe the rantings of a kook like Bin Laden?

    Who’s the real loser?

  3. Bin Laden (also known as the devil) says a lot of things. All untrue.


  5. I don’t live in a cave and i can hear my furnace running right now, nice and cozy, warm, and i will sleep in my bed tonight and not snuggle up to some terrorist who smells like a goat, so if i am the loser so be it.

  6. Bin Laden is dead,,those words are probably written by the FBI.

  7. No. Why do liberals believe what a terrorist mass murderer has to say. I think you would probably vote for Osama over Bush if they were running against each other…How sad.

  8. The problem is not the terror attacks but the response to them,
    Iraq had nothing to do with it but it was always Bush’s dream to finish what he believed to be his dads unfinished business.
    If we had stayed out of Iraq or got rid of Bush we would be in a much better position today.

  9. I believe republicans are the real losers they are the ones who scare us and make us fear terrorist instead of letting us live our lives, i think bin ladin has won no thanks to republicans

  10. Its psychological warfare. If al-qaida could so painlessly destory infidel powers, it practically has a moral explanation as to why Russia, China, Europe, Israel and the United States have and still can get away with stomping on Muslim backs. Al-qaida is not responsible for our economic woes. He’s standing in front of a fallen tree and shouting “I made it fall”.

  11. I Agree with him in everything he said!!

  12. You don`t get it {old bin } is just one the Gang “Called the BushWhackers” and they got us all bent over .

  13. Tell him to come out of his CAVE and put up his dukes

  14. We aren’t losers, we a suckers and chumps for allowing Bush to turn 911 into his private war that crippled the U.S. Treasury.

    What is scary though is that SOME of us didn’t learn their lesson.

    Typically it won’t hit home until the cost of the war appears on their taxes.

  15. If Bin Laden cited Halliburton, then he is obviously getting his talking points from the Move-on, or the Daily Kos web sites. The only threat to Muslims at this point are other Muslims, namely his own organization.

  16. You should feel horrible for agreeing with a TERRORIST.

  17. The USA LOST the moment george w bush occupied The White House.

  18. We’re the losers in the fact that he’s not in prison or dead yet.

    He’s praying that either Bush stays in office or McCain gets elected–he knows he’s free then and won’t be harassed at all.

  19. Unfortunately he’s right. Look at the Patriot Act, Look at the numbers of hours we have to wait in line for security in airports, Look at passports to Canada.

    We’ve lost some of our openess because of 911

  20. I’ll be happy to debate with him on that topic when he is laying naked in a cage, eating his own filth on the lawn of the White House.

  21. In many ways it is a shame the world is not blackand white. In reality it isshades of the rainbow.

    For example one of Bin Laden’s brother in laws is one of Americas Allies in the mid east.

    Bin Laden will say he is winning because…

    The USA says its winning because….

    Well the money really doesnt matter. $ 500 US Billion is,with the current value of the U$ not a lot.

    What Americans have lost is “Freedom”,The constitution has been suspended. It takes 2 hours to board a plane.

    2000 Americans are “locked up” location unknown,by the US Govt.

    6 suspected terrorists have ben execute without trail.

    Americans are a bit paranoid about travel.

    The word “Muslem” now seems tomean “terrorist”

    I think it was Thomas Jeffereson who said,”Those who give up Freedom for Security,deserve neither”.

    That is what Americans have given up.

  22. One of the oldest and most successful military strategies involving overtaking a fortress comes from the middle east centuries ago. It’s called a faint.
    Under this strategy, a small force attacks the fortress from the front then retreats into the desert. The defenders of the fortress then take after the attackers, chasing them thru the desert.
    Once the defenders leave the fortress in pursuit, a larger force attacks the fortress from the rear and overtakes the undefended fortress.
    This is exactly what OBL did with the WTC bombing.
    Fortress America can never be conquered. But, its defensive capability and its wealth can be exhausted. No group can take over the middle east as long as the USA has a strong military force. If that military capability is exhausted, however, the middle east is open for conquest.
    IMO, Bush played rigth into OBL’s hands when he sent forces to the middle east.

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