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Loan Modification Company Provides Free Sample Hardship Letters

By • Dec 17th, 2008 • Category: Mortgage

Free Sample Hardship Letters

Loan modification is a much more desirable way to restructure debt than other higher rate borrowing options and, while quick remedies like easy cash advances may seem tempting, they tend only to worsen one’s long term financial prospects.Law Firm Backed Loan Modification Company has recently announced the completion of its availability of free sample hardship letters for the purpose of Loan Modification success. Hardship letters are an essential and extremely important part of a successful loan modification. In an effort to help all homeowners going through the loan modification process, is offering free downloads of PDF versions of free sample hardship letters.

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“Every day in this troubling economy, more American homeowners are seeking the assistance of a loan modification company” Says President of, Aaron Landreth. “Homeowners will benefit from these documents in order to help write an effective hardship letter that will result in a successful loan modification.”

Hardship letters are instruments that detail evidence to a lender of a homeowner’s current financial hardship. In order for a lender to consider a case for a loan modification, financial hardship must be outlined honestly in a free sample hardship letters. Examples of such hardship are but limited to: cut in pay or work hours out of your control, an Adjustable Rate Mortgage that has risen beyond affordability, loss of work due to injury, or an unexpected pay reduction due to a slowdown in the economy.

These items must be included in your sample hardship letter

  • Brief and to the point
  • Detailed, not vague.
  • Write with gut wrenching emotion (A person is reading who will feel your pain!).
  • Explain why you have fallen behind with your payments and the dates that concur with this period.
  • Show how you are willing and able to keep up with new payment terms and your desire to remain in your home.
  • Thank them for their time and consideration.
  • Leave your contact information

Free Sample Hardship Letters – Samples

Some GOOD EXAMPLES to include in your free sample hardship letter are:

  • Medical issues that prevented you from bringing in usual income
  • Decrease in salary or hourly pay
  • Loss of employment
  • Fixed income such as Social Security of Child Support

BAD EXAMPLES of hardship letters:

  • Facing legal issues
  • Divorce or separation
  • You are paying for school (for you or a son/daughter)
  • You are overextended
  • Threatening to file bankruptcy is a legal loan modification company backed by a team of lawyers dedicated to helping American homeowners keep their home and lower their monthly mortgage payment. Unlike many mortgage modification companies, never asks for money up-front. They also offer a money back guarantee, and the ability to track your loan modification online. offers legal, proven and successful loan modification services.

Having negotiated hundreds of successful loan modifications, has helped numerous families retain their home, lower their rate, lower their monthly mortgage payment, and decrease the financial stress associated with facing foreclosure.

Contact by either visiting their website, or calling toll free 1-888-500-2414. Please note are not responsible for external sites – check with your financial advisor before signing an agreement.

Get expert experiences for free Forex signals – this is your own tips store. Summary: Loan Modification Company Provides Free Sample Hardship Letters.

 Loan Modification Company Provides Free Sample Hardship Letters

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