Managing Without Credit Cards

By admin • Oct 26th, 2008 • Category: Debt
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Personally, I consider credit cards one of the necessary evils for living in the modern world. There are times we need a credit card for those purchases which we just have to buy – or do we?


You’d have a hard time making a purchase online without one of that piece of plastic. Credit cards give greater flexibility. Paying with a credit card is too easy.


If it is not monitored carefully, it is very, very easy for credit card debt to get out of hand. You can easily go into debt way over your head by simply using credit cards in an indisciplined way on everyday living expenses. The first step in effectively managing credit card debt is to recognise and accept the fact that it is DEBT, and believe it or not you do owe the money. If you don’t want to pay interest, fees, and penalties, either don’t use the card or pay the balance at the end of every month. You then become a customer the credit card companies hate – one from whom they cannot profit.


Let’s be fair, credit cards, when and if they are used responsibly, can be good things and deserve to be an option. They can even save you money if you used in a controlled manner. They could even make a profit for you!The credit card that rewards you for using it and if you are sensible about it, the credit card company could never make money out of you in interest, fees, or penalties – what’s the secret – well actually there is no secret,! I don’t have it. Simply repay the amount owed in full BEFORE the due date and accept the reward that they give you for using the card for your convenience. It’s a terrific arrangement.


To get into that position though, it takes some serious self-discipline. You have to be disciplined in paying for everyday expenses with cash or personal checks and not with credit cards. Remember, in order to reduce credit card debt, you need to pay MORE than the minimum payment. One approach is to choose one card (the one with the highest interest rate) and concentrate on paying that credit card off while making minimum payments on other cards. You can get out from your credit card debt. Go for it!


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