Nanny Pay Scales High – A Great Job for Paying Down Debt Quickly

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Many job and career seekers won’t consider service industry positions because they think the pay is low with no room for advancement. Those same job seekers might be surprised to learn that salaries are growing for nannies.

Excellent Salaries Available for Nannies

Nanny pay scales have increased rapidly, with experienced nannies working in the right markets earning as much as or more than college graduates with similar years of experience within their chosen career fields. In fact, nanny salaries are above the national average for wages earned by American workers at present, and offer workers great opportunities to earn a solid living, pay off debts and enjoy excellent prospects for long-term employment.

Nannies work in households primarily, performing domestic duties and focusing the majority of their energies upon raising and caring for the children of their employers. Childcare duties can be demanding in the extreme, trying the patience of many would-be nannies. Doubtless, nanny work is not for everyone, and nannies should be equipped with a healthy dose of patience in addition to more formal skills and experience.

Some may prefer simpler babysitting jobs, usually a few hours a week in the evening. Quick Internet searches for “babysitting jobs in my area” and “nanny jobs in my area” will give you an idea for the demand near where you live, helping you to decide if you’d prefer baby-sitting to full time nanny work. Understand that babysitting jobs are easier, but they also pay less. If you really want to pay down debt quickly, nanny is the better choice.

Working schedules for nannies can be quite flexible as well, with children requiring care early in the mornings before heading off to school or other activities, and needing the nanny’s care in the afternoons and evenings as well. In this light, many nannies show up to work earlier than their peers in the workforce do, and often stay much later than employees in other industries. This extended workday is part of the reason nannies make good money.

Save on Living Expenses

Many nannies enjoy live-in positions with the family for which they work. Living with one’s employer can be both rewarding and demanding, and nannies should be sure that they are prepared for the demands and rigors of living in the same household as the people who sign their paychecks. If possible, select a family that can house you separately from the main home so you can have privacy in your off hours. An above garage apartment or separate cottage would be an ideal setting.

Long hours, frequent demands around the clock, loss of privacy and being essentially an on-call employee are some of the issues that can offset the bonuses associated with living, literally, few steps from where nannies work. On the plus side, nannies typically pay no rent or utilities, have their meals provided, and tend to have their own bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas in which to entertain and relax during their off-hours. They often have access to the family’s car and therefore don’t have to make a car or insurance payment either.

Nanny work can be enjoyable, and caring for children is a delight for many nannies. The fact that employers pay great salaries for such pleasurable work, offer live-in positions that help save money, and provide for great opportunities to save money makes employment as a nanny an alluring prospect for many job seekers.

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