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Nine ideas to help you save money

Saving for rainy days or funding the tax account is tough.”

1. Keep your eye on the prize

Place visual representations of your savings goals on your desktop, your phone or the corkboard above your desk. Vision boards create happy reminders of what we’re saving for and are powerful motivators.

2. Consider the trade-off

“Just about every purchase has an opportunity cost – at least one alternative path that you have to abandon,” Psych Yourself Rich author Farnoosh Torabi says. Before you buy, ask yourself what you are giving up tomorrow by buying today (refer to No. 1 for the quick answer).

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5 Crippling Money Moves You Could Be Making Now

“What you earn is less important than what you do with the money you have.”

Making buying decisions based on others. Peer pressure to make the certain purchases is all but unavoidable, especially now that personalized social media algorithms tell us exactly what our friends are reading, listening to, buying, and coveting. When it comes to investments, removing your emotions and the thoughts of others is key to a solid long-term plan.

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 Personal Finance Ideas and News
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