Should I Get A Airline Credit Card?

By Guest • Apr 23rd, 2009 • Category: Credit

Before you choose a airline mile credit card you need to examine what will make the most sense for you. It is important to look at how many rewards you get along with what interest rates you will pay.

What Airline Do I Get One From?

Most people are limited to the airlines that are located at their local airport. If your nearest airport has a lot of flights arriving and departing every day you will have more options to look at. Pass up on the airline that only has a couple of flights a day. Most of those flights don’t go anywhere exciting anyways.

Does My Airline Have Black Out Dates?

With the down turn in the economy many airlines cannot afford to have card holders on their prime flights. Many have gotten rid of black out dates as it is a term that many frequent fliers stay away from. Instead, the airline will say that it is booked or they only allow a certain number of frequent fliers on that flight. The airline needs to have someone in the seat paying a premium price instead of giving it away. You will have to learn how to fly on off days or weird times. Since you stayed with one airline you are at their mercy.

Are Bank Airline Credit Cards Better?

If you do not care what airline you fly on then getting a airline card from a bank would be a better route to go. The bank works with every available airline. Banks are able to work with any airline as they act as a middle man between you and the airline. All you have to do is call your financial institution with the flight you want to go on and they reserve it for you. No having to deal with a specific airline and their credit card policies.

People who are are looking for the best airline credit card should know that most airlines have similar reward programs. The interest rates and fees associated with the card will depend on what your credit history is when you apply. Most business travelers have a fee involved with their credit card. If a free ticket for your vacation is all you want then pick the card that suits you best and has low to no fees. 

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