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Student Credit Card Review

By • Aug 26th, 2009 • Category: Credit

In college, credit card promotions are every where. Low interest rates or 0% transfers aren’t even the primary enticements. Instead, they offer pizzas and burgers for applying for credit cards. This is very common in my college. It is amusing to think that such an well read group would fall into this ambush. Just for a free pizza, college students apply for credit cards.


It might appear that I am lambasting this form, but the truth is that I myself got my credit card in a similar method, but I was very careful on how I used my credit card. We will talk about Chase Credit Card Review.

+1SM Student Master Card is offered by Chase Bank. Chase student card is an ok card, not too great, but not too bad either.


When I first received my credit card, I was under the impression that it was a 0% APR for first 12(I may have mixed it up with Capital ONE). After I received my first bill, I came to know that I was being charged an APR of 13.24%, which is too high. As I already made a wrong assumption regarding 0% interest, I started becoming careful when it came to finances. As such, I would pay off my credit card debt each month so that I won’t be burdened with too much debt right out of college.


Karma points are one of the incentives of chase student credit cards. The karma points and other benefits chase promises through Karma points is quite pointless (at least from my experience). Karma points should not be an incentive when considering for a credit card. Since, I use chase’s online banking service, I find paying bills quite easy. Paying chase credit bills is easy, and most people shouldn’t have a tough time paying online. What’s even better is that you can link you checking account and savings account with your credit card, and just pay your bills from checking account to credit card. If you are being a responsible student, and managing your finances properly, you should see your credit limit being raised. Now, I am seeing when my credit limit will increase.


Having your credit limit increased is definitely a bonus. The reason is it allows you to raise your credit score. I am much more interested in having my credit score increased rather than having my credit limit increased. My credit I have, and the less debt I have on it, the better the chances of increasing your credit score. A higher credit lmit is good for you credit score. Other ways in paying for college.

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