Ten Ways To Be Extravagant On A Shoestring Budget

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Some people think they need to spend lots of money to live lavishly. This is far from true as there are ways to live extravagantly without wiping out the bank account.

Anyone who is trying to be extravagant on a shoestring budget should read on to learn the insider secrets.

Unless you want everyone else to live as nicely, keep these tips to yourself! There is no need to get into debt while being slightly extravagant.


  1. Look for limited time offers for cheap airfare so the family can vacation even during these difficult economic times. Consumers can sign up to receive exclusive coupons and deals from airlines via email, tweets, and newsletters. These offers are usually not advertised and may not be available nationally. The airlines want customers to book their flights directly so they can make more money per transaction.

  1. Hotels can be expensive, especially in top destinations like London, Paris, or Rome. By renting a studio or one bedroom apartment or even a luxury penthouse, vacationers can save money without sacrificing any amenities. This is a great way to visit the best spots on the planet without exceeding the travel budget.

  1. Receive cash for used electronics like MP3 players, cameras, and video games to put toward new ones. Gazelle is just one website that provides cash for home electronics in over 20 categories and shipping is free. Consumers simply input information regarding their product on the website to get an estimated value.

  1. Homeowners who want to upgrade their appliances can get models with all the bells and whistles and qualify for a rebate. By purchasing ENERGY STAR rated appliances, like clothes washers, refrigerators, or dishwashers, consumers may be entitled to cash rebates. In addition to this savings, monthly energy bills will be reduced due to the improved energy efficiency of the appliances.

  1. Going green can save green when it comes to energy. States, local governments, utility companies, and non-profit organizations offer incentives ritzy-looking renewable energy use. These include tax incentives, grants, loans, bond programs, and lease-purchase arrangements. Consumers can learn about these by visiting the online Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency.

  1. Learning can open up worlds and allow anyone to hob-knob with the elite. Retirees can receive free or low-cost adult education through the over 100 Bernard Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes in the U.S. These are housed at regional and local universities and offer courses in philosophy, history, literature, and many other subjects.

  1. The rest of the population can enhance their education by downloading free lectures from some of the top colleges in the country. Yale and the University of Chicago are just two schools that offer free access to introductory classes and lecture series.

  1. Just because the budget is small does not mean that one most go uncultured. The largest cities in the country offer free admission days for museums, historical centers, and other cultural landmarks. Do an online search to find these and mark the calendar to head out on the designated day.

  1. For some fine multi-course dining on a shoestring budget, look no further than the restaurant at the local culinary school. For a fraction of the price they would pay at a restaurant, diners enjoy the finest dishes, freshly prepared by students.

  1. Before heading out to dinner, visit the local technical school to get a low-priced haircut and beauty treatments like a manicure, pedicure, massage, or facial. Students need to get practice hours under their belts and members of the local community pay very little for these ultra-lavish services. Bring along some friends for a day of pampering at the local beauty school.

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