Tips Series: Budgeting Tips – Are You in Control of Your Money?

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How much you earn does not really matter but rather it is the ability to control your spending that will ensure you attain financial independence. This is the determinate factor that separates between the people who realize their financial dreams to become wealth and those who only dream to become rich.

Allow me to state that if you cannot control your expenditure, then you will spend more than you are earning and as a result you may never realize financial freedom. The best way to ensure you become wealthy is by budgeting.

For a budget to work you first need to be optimistic and not view it as a chore or as if it’s a sacrifice you are making. Your personal attitude towards budgeting will determine how successful your financial management will be. Pessimists are the ones who do not believe in having a budget.

In truth, those individuals who do not believe in budgeting are the same people who mostly love over-spending. If you happen to be one of these individuals you better arrest this mind-set, that if you want to be in control of your money.

Realize that planning your finances helps you to live within your means as you hope and trust that you will make more money and therefore afford more. My advice is that when budgeting take into consideration your expected and unexpected income. Unexpected income means things like gift or tips (if you are a waiter you understand.) But all said and done make sure your spending is base only on your expected income.

Being a millionaire is a sweet feeling, therefore strive to become one by not allowing money to control you, instead plan your finances.

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