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Being Able To Locate Discount Tickets

     As an avid traveler our family really tries hard to search for savings no matter where we go.  This pertains to grocery shopping to going to shows or concerts.  Perhaps many people go about it different ways, but by doing your homework you could actually save much more then you think.  Bigger corporations are also on the move, they have teams of people that use the web daily to get deals.  That is thier job just to search for ticket deals for their executives.  By having all their eggs in one basket they know realize what they were missing out on.  To diversify is one way of savings.  Here is just one example, a few years back there was a couple that signed up for all the discounts they could find, they had an idea that went viral.  By doing this they received numerous offers that pertained to where they were looking to go.  Now the funny part of this story was roughly 80% of the prices they got were originally from one main supplier.  The biggest names in the business were really affiliates.  These smaller companies actually did all the advertising and received a commission on the trips they booked or got money from tickets they sold on their website.  So how did diversity work for them?  Actually quite well.  Though this main supplier of tickets did no advertising at all, the more the affiliates sold the better price was given on their site.  So is this form of locating discount tickets for you?  The only problem is that thier email box was full all the time.  The old saying is 6 in one hand half dozen in the other works just like this scenerio. 

Other Ways To Try And Save Money

     So that might not be your cup of tea.  Now that the internet has broadened it’s horizons search engines have come a long way.  Let’s say your looking for a hotel right in the same city your family will be going to, and the price is out of your league.  How can you still get there and save?  Try and do a search of the hotels in neighboring towns and see what thier prices are.  Chances are you could find a nicer place with more amenities and more room but for a lot less.  Now were you going to rent a car?  If you don’t have a entertainment book your nuts.  This is a book many kids sell during the year in order for them to use if they go on a field trip.  It can come in handy because it offers many discounts on hotels and cars plus airfare.  It usually has a card inside and you can browse through it and see if a specific code is needed to add when booking.  By elevating your awareness in ways that can help you save is a mode in which you can use to your advantage.  In some instances the savings could really be a lot of money.   Don’t fall for this one, giveaways are another way companies harvest information about you.  They then sell this to bigger corporations for a profit.  You can prevent your information from being sold by not going this route.  Sometimes you can call a air carrier and ask them to add your names to a stand by list.  If people need to cancel their reservations you will be able to get their seats for a discount.  This does not work for rental cars.  Some of the larger ticket brokers also use this scenerio for sporting events and concert tickets.  Now another way is just going to your local newspaper and browse the classifieds.  But when dealing with people please make sure you realize what your getting into.  Especially if your going overseas.  Some plane tickets cannot be refunded and must be used by their primary credit card holder.  If you decide to make a purchase like this please read the rules on the back of the ticket.  The ticket information is there for you to see if it’s a viable solution. 

Buying Discount Tickets Saves You Money

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default Tips Series: Discount Tickets Where To Get The Cheapest Tickets How To Save Money Tips

Some people wanted to know how I used to save people money on their cell phone bills and make money doing it. So I made a video. I’ve included some of the phone numbers I would call.

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  1. @joezepiizbeast It should

  2. So my contracts up in july 2011 with Verizon should I try I’ve had them since 2004. Would it work

  3. So my contracts up in July, 2011 I’ve had them since 2004 would I be able to try and should I

  4. @SuperMykale same process. Just call customer service and ask to speak to the retention or account services department.

  5. What about T Mobile phones

  6. @darthaq I’ve been able to get a 10-18% recurring monthly discount from them.

  7. @joevenuto no for the per month payment its 189 but we would like to pay a lower price so if we show that we’ve been loyal customers for 10 years now since our contract ended if we could pay 100-130 per month instead

  8. @darthaq Is $189 the retail price?

  9. my families been with Sprint for 10 years and our contract ended do you think we can get the 1500 minutes unlimited date which comes with unlimited messaging for a lower price for 5 lines then paying $189 per month to maybe 100-130?

  10. @downphoenix thank you for the feedback. Which company do you work for?

  11. Thank you! I work in care, and not only is it VERY annoying that NEARLY EVERY OPTION just puts the customer to us(the ones you did is one of the ONLY exceptions) but when its obvious that a customer is wanting to talk to account services for something instead of having a legitimate reason to talk to them, like cancelling, we have to try our best to prevent it, which always leads to transfer anyway. If only hitting tech went to tech, finance went to finance, etc I would love my job more!

  12. @Someoneyoudontknow13 Yes. Just keep pounding the phone relentlessly if you don’t get in the beginning. I would think being about six months away from a contract renewal, you could get the upgrade.

  13. @joevenuto so do i follow the same proccess just with the verizon number? if im still on contract but have been with verizon since 1996 what are my chances of upgrading if my upgrade date is in march 2011

  14. @JonathanBStrobel88 I have three #'s 1. 212-395-1000 2. 908-559-7000 3. 800-922-0204

  15. @Someoneyoudontknow13 I have three #’s 1. 212-395-1000 2. 908-559-7000 3. 800-922-0204

  16. hey whats the number for verizon in the US?

  17. @JonathanBStrobel88 800-711-7773

  18. do uk the # 4 verizon?

  19. @yoyo4real21 lol! No it’s a 27″ Samsung SyncMaster. It does look a little dumpy in the vid though. Let me know how it works out for you.

  20. is that a 4:3 screen? come on man, you need to upgrade to 16:9.
    Nice tips though, i have to try it out.

  21. @lilokikimino lol. I’m sorry. Like I said I don’t do it anymore. What department did you work in?

  22. lmfao i worked for verizon, hate ppl like you

  23. @JasnoGT I’m definately a tech and phone junkie in some regards. As for the iPhone 4, I am banking on them allowing me to purchase the phone outright.

  24. @joevenuto
    Thanks for responding. Agreed..Sprint might well be the best smartphone plan value. The 9630 is still a baddass phone. You seem to be a phone junkie like me. I’ve gone from Boost mobile to Android/BBerry this year with multiple phones…lol….Okay so you are with Sprint and now youre getting an iphone 4?
    Switching back?…hmm.:-?

    In any case good luck with your new company!

  25. @JasnoGT I had to cut some costs and Sprint was the way to go. Being the owner of a start up company sometimes requires me to make cuts where I may not want to, but need to for the good of the company. Either way I have a blast playing with the electronics. I’ll be getting an iPhone 4 and doing a review as well.

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