Tips Series: Everyday Saving Tips in the Economic Crisis

By Contributor • Jun 16th, 2011 • Category: Savings

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It seems that suddenly everybody is talking about the economic crisis. Bankruptcy, closing, and lay off, no good news, even worse. So what do we do? First, don’t panic and be confident. Always live with an optimistic attitude even when life is a little harder sometime. No matter how hard it is now, believe in that winter is only a part of a year. Second, have a good habit to save. Keep going with the saving tips not only for the bad time. You will be paid off in the long term. Here some everyday saving tips are shared with you.

First, save with your food. Have you read the grocery flyers every week when your mail box is filled with them? If not, quickly browser it at least the cover page. You will find something you are interested with a saving price. Also almost all the chain stores have a website where you can check the online flyer or promotion news. Check it before you go regular grocery shopping. One more, expire date is your saving killer. Only buy reasonable amount and eat it before it is gone bad.

Second, tips for clothing buying. You can save more with those ideas in your mind: timing, online shopping, shopping list. Based on the history shopping trend statistics, Christmas is definitely the highest shopping season. Why? You can say, for the gifts, a lot of more free time, and flooding sale advertisement. However, you can make some change and try the January shopping. You will be surprised what you got after Christmas. It is the time for online shopping. If you would like time-saving, something unique, and saving more for the same product, try it online. Always keep a shopping or wish list and stick to it. So you have no worry about over-budget when credit card bill is coming. Maybe you can try with cash only if you can not control yourself very well with credit cards.

Third, home supplies include something big and something small. Have a long term plan for something big, such as appliances and electronics. Talk to several sales persons, not only one. Do some research on your own and take it at a right timing, such as season change or model clearing sale. Something small saving can win more if you care. You can always find a sale for Shampoo or toilet paper. Why not buying ahead instead of rush shopping at s regular price. A little planning can make you a saving winner.

Fourth, think about your transportation. Even a big drop for the oil price, you can still save more with a smart choosing a gas station for your car. Check out for the price and cheapest gas station before you fill it up. Also, have you realized that gas is 30% cheaper in US than in Canada? If you live on the border, you are lucky enough.

Saving never means lowering your living standard and is only a bunch of good habit. You can see the difference if you can keep it for life.

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