Tips Series: The Real Story on Gas-Saving Tips

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Article by Dawn Hatchard

There are a bazillion and one advice articles out there claiming to have the best gas-saving tips. I’ve searched and searched and here are some general consistencies among them.

Does using cruise control improve your miles per gallon?

Yes. Any time you know that you’ll need to keep a consistent speed over a period of time, use this feature of your car. Gas is wasted when you accelerate, slow down and accelerate again. Cruise control is more effect than most humans at maintaining the consistent speed and will save you. Edmunds suggests the savings average 7-percent.

Be weary of using cruise control in wet conditions as you have less control over hydroplaning. Safety is more important than dollar signs.

Does how I drive impact my fuel economy?

Abso-freaking-lutely it does! If you’re a lane changer bouncing from lane to lane in an effort to pass each and every car on the road only to catch up to the next one and have to slow down again… you are a fuel burning machine! When it comes to better gas mileage, slow and steady definitely takes the cake. Not driving everywhere as if there’s a fire you have to get to can save you an average of 31-percent. Other drivers will like you more, too.

On a similar note, driving at lower speeds (55-65) can save you an average of 12-percent.

Does using air conditioning affect fuel usage?

There are some arguments over this, but credible studies say: Crank it up! There is no significant improvement in fuel economy when you drive with your windows down and avoid using the AC. However, there is some improvement if you have a sunroof and drive with the windows down and the sunroof open.

When I stop at a convenience store, should I leave my car running or turn it off?

Turn it off. It takes less fuel to start the engine than to leave it running for 5 minutes while you wait in line for someone to count their change to buy a 40-ounce of beer. Average savings can be about 19-percent.

How much difference does tire pressure make?

It depends. There is no conclusive data available. You should keep your tires properly inflated for other reasons, like safety and even tire wear. Should you happen to save a little dough at the pump, call it an added bonus.

There you have it; another list of tips to save you money everyday.

Dawn Hatchard currently resides in Tyler, Texas.She has worked in both the journalism field and auto industry. The articles she writes are informative about the car-buying process and other entertaining articles that generally pertain to cars.

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