Tips Series: Understanding How to Avoid Bankruptcy

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by Viqi French

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Bankruptcy can have a long-lasting impact on your financial life. It can prevent you from buying a house, renting an apartment, or even securing the job you desire. Some people think of bankruptcy as an easy way out of the financial chaos in which they find themselves. Others consider it an unfortunate, yet unavoidable event, over which they have little control.

But many times, neither of those statements is true. You can often avoid bankruptcy with a little planning. This article will provide you with a few tips to help you avoid filing for bankruptcy.

How The Road To Bankruptcy Starts

Most people are not surprised by the possibility of bankruptcy. That is, bankruptcy is typically the result of several poor decisions over a long period of time. In some cases, unfortunate circumstances such as emergency medical treatment can cause personal financial collapse. But, even those circumstances usually only exacerbate an existing financial vulnerability. Other contributing factors might be job loss, divorce, and other things, but the point is that rarely does a person not see the possibility for bankruptcy coming from a distance, it does not happen overnight, and it is not always because of poor financial management.

Most often, financial trouble begins with a person’s spending habits. Obviously, if a person spends more money than he earns, he will eventually have trouble paying his bills. However, even a person who spends less than he earns can suddenly find himself financially exposed if he loses his job or earning ability.

The key to avoid bankruptcy is being fully aware of your financial standing at all times. Record your bill payments. You should know if you miss a payment. Try to forecast your ability to pay your bills into the future. If you constantly keep on top of your bills, your spending habits and your ability to earn in the future, you can easily avoid bankruptcy.

What To Do When Financial Trouble Looms

If you find yourself in financial distress, call your creditors and let them know of your situation. Most people avoid their creditors because of the stress involved. But, it is far better to communicate with them, as well as ultimately much less stressful. Most creditors understand that people often have financial trouble. They also understand that their options are to either work with the debtor or potentially lose the money they are owed on the debt (as most debts must be written off as a result of the debtor declaring bankruptcy).

Call your creditors and try to work out a reasonable payment plan. You will often be given a low monthly payment and smaller interest rate to help you pay off the money that you owe. By doing so, you can avoid bankruptcy and salvage your credit history.

Debt Consolidation As A Solution

You can use a debt consolidation service to group your payments into one monthly payment. Doing this often gives you breathing room and helps you manage your outstanding debts while working to restore your credit history. Often, debt consolidation will allow you to make a smaller cumulative monthly payment than the aggregate of your monthly payments before consolidation. This type of service can help some people pay their bills on time and avoid bankruptcy. You may want to investigate your options for Debt Consolidation before you get too far down the bankruptcy road since it can present a much better option for you.

Declaring bankruptcy is a serious matter that should not be considered lightly. It can have a long-lasting impact on your financial history and sabotage your efforts to buy a house, rent an apartment, or several other major financial decisions. By keeping on top of your financial status, working with your creditors if financial trouble looms and using a debt consolidation service if you’re unable to pay your bills, you can avoid bankruptcy and begin climbing repairing your financial life.

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