You May Not Have To Lose Your Home, Assets If You File For Bankruptcy

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If you read the newspapers and watch TV, no one has to tell you that the economy has been performing about as well as a debilitated gerbil on a rusty treadmill. In short, things have not been positive, and many folks are feeling the hit in their salary envelopes, which have grown thinner since the economy went south.

And those with the salary envelopes are the fortunate ones, because an awful lot of people are scrambling to find work and must survive on unemployment benefits. If you’re one of those who has seen his income reduced and you also own your own home, you’re no doubt worried about losing your property over the long run.

On top of that, many worry that creditors will garnish their wages and vacuum money out of their checking and savings accounts, making it more difficult to recover. When you owe creditors and are in a financial emergency, debt collectors ring your phone at all hours in hopes of irritating you until you pay them what is owed.

The system may seem gerrymandered against you, because if creditors are allowed to take your home and your assets, such as your automobile, how can you ever get on your feet? If this problem sounds all too familiar to you, it’s crucial that you take drastic action to end the harassment and find a way to satisfy your creditors in a sensible way.

Some might assume that speaking with a bankruptcy attorney in Thousand Oaks would be a positive step in the processes of rehabilitating your finances. A lawyer who is adept at bankruptcy law can help you keep your home and car, and can make sure that money is not pulled away from your bank account.

Many people start by consulting with a bankruptcy attorney in Woodland Hills, who can get them started on the road to recovery as they begin to turn their finances around. Bankruptcy cases are sometimes very complicated, so it’s important that you are represented by an attorney who has successfully handled many of these cases in the past.

A lot of people feel extremely self-conscious about the idea of declaring bankruptcy, because they fear that it holds a certain social stigma. If bankruptcy is the action you decide to take, it will have some advantages that you will begin to observe immediately.

The law says that once you put in your bankruptcy paperwork, creditors’ harassing phone calls must stop, so you’ll at least be spared that nuisance right away. An attorney can help you establish a sensible schedule to satisfy your debts so you can begin to get your life back in order and begin with a clean slate.

So the first step you must take is to contact a reliable bankruptcy attorney who can help you determine whether or not bankruptcy is the right choice for you.

Rob R. Nichols is a qualified bankruptcy lawyer in Woodland Hills. If you are looking for a skilled bankruptcy attotney in Encino or the San Fernando Valley, call (818) 914-4741.
 You May Not Have To Lose Your Home, Assets If You File For Bankruptcy
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